LED Lights

Save up to 80% on your energy costs by switching to LED lights. Lumme, our own brand of LED lights provide you with a vast range of products to suit your commercial, industrial and residential needs.

LED lights are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe to use and best of all, longer lasting than conventional bulb and fluro tubes. With an average life span of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, LED lights not only use less power, but also last longer – providing savings on both electricity and replacement costs.

Sas Signage LED Lights are sourced from around the world, from only the highest quality manufacturers, and are guaranteed to meet all relevant national and international standards.

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  1. LUMME-DL06-25W
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL06-25W LED Light Learn More
  2. LUMME-DL17-13WD
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL17-13W LED Light Learn More
  3. LUMME-DL17-18WD
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL17-18W LED Light Learn More
  4. LUMME-DL22-10WD-70
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL22-10W-70-3K-WHT LED Light or 1x LUMME-DL22-10W-70-4K-WHT LED Light Learn More
  5. LUMME-DL22-18WD
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL22-18WD-4K LED Light Learn More
  6. LUMME-DL52-12WD
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DL52-12WD-4K LED Light Learn More
  7. LUMME-DL59-30W
    Package Include: 1x  LUMME-DL59-30W-4K-SMD LED Light or 1x LUMME-DL59-30W-6K LED Light Learn More
  8. LUMME-Plates 140/170mm
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-PLATE-140MM suit for DL22/DL59/DL17 1x LUMME-PLATE-170MM suit for DL22/DL59/DL17 Learn More
  9. LUMME-DIMMER-150/400W
    Package Include: 1x LUMME-DIMMER-150W 1x LUMME-DIMMER-400W Learn More
  10. Lumme-FL-30W
    Package Include: 1x  Lumme-FL-30W-3K-SMD Flood Light or 1x Lumme-FL-30W-6K-SMD Flood Light Learn More
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Items 1-24 of 115

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