LUMME-MS02- Pir Sensor

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LUMME-MS02- Pir Sensor
Product model
LUMME-MS02- Pir Sensor
Working voltage
Sensing distance
Induction angle
120 degree cone angle
Delay time
30 seconds 
Working temperature
Product size
40mm x 17mm x 13mm
DC unit+Sensor unit 450mm length male & female DC connector  inc sensor unit
Output mode
sensing output
Induction method
 passive infrared sensor
Output current
Quiescent current
Trigger mode
continuous trigger
function Light perception:  (the passive infrared sensor environment is dark when the door is closed, light on when the door is opened; 30 seconds sensor time , even the door is not closed, the light will be off , the human body moves in front of the door, the light will be on, no need to reopen the door)