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Plastic square end caps

2 lockable plastic feet

ROTI-1B-60, ROTI-1S-60, ROTI-1B-85 buy 6 get 25% off

ROTI-1S-85 buy 6 get 35% off

ROTI-1B-100, ROTI-1S-100, ROTI-1B-120, ROTI-1S-120 buy 6 get 20% off

Recommended media: DGE-40 PP Synthetic paper

Installation Instructions

This slimline unit, supplied exclusively by SAS, offers the same level of quality as our Classic Roller Banner, at a price point closer to our Economy Banners. Additionally, this sleek looking unit is light, more compact and easier to assemble.


  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Plastic square end cap
  • 2 lockable plastic feet
  • Available in silver or black
  • 15mm thick vertical pole
  • Padded black bag

Recommended media:

DGE-40 PP Synthetic paper.